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Thursday, March 22, 2018

                              The first 30 years video! 

The Cronomer Valley Fire Dept. was formed in 1934 by a dozen or so men. They protected an area between the City of Newburgh and Ulster Co..These men built the original firehouse and paid for their own truck. The population was only 100 and encompassed mostly farms and small businesses.

Today the FD has 87 volunteers, encompasses 3100 residences, 275 commercial occupancies, a town reservoir, two interstate highways and provides mutual aid assistance to urban and rural areas including an international airport and railways.

We average 400 calls per year and cross man 2 engines, 1 aerials, 1 Med. Rescue, 1 Fire Police , 1 boat, and a Brush Truck and Brush ATV.

           Our mission is the protection of life and property from the ravage of fire and other emergencies. We strive to keep our training up to date with the latest in technology, techniques and equipment. Due to the wide interpretation of emergencies, we have to be ready to handle anything that comes along, either directly or have a plan for a resource that can handle it.


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