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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Following are frequently asked questions reguarding Fire Explorers:

WHAT IS AN EXPLORER ?   Explorers are boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 21 who are chartered by the Boy Scouts of America and are organized by a sponsor (CVFD) who provides a learning environment to explore future careers in a given field.

PURPOSE...-The purpose of the Explorer Post is to educate members in fire protection and  EMS as a field of professional service, and as a possibility for a future career and/or future volunteer work. Members participate in training activities and drills, participate in non-emergency Departmental functions such as parades, and assist during fires and other emergencies in support roles.

WHAT DO THEY DO? Fire explorers learn nearly all aspects of basic fire fighting. These include topics such as fire suppression, salvage and overhaul, SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus), aerial operations, ground ladders, first aid, public relations, etc. After demonstrating excellence in all areas of the program, Fire explorers are issued a complete set of bunker gear for safety. Members also assist with various activities, such as fundraisers, public education, and different service projects. Once an Fire explorer completes his/her training period, they are permitted to assist on fire department calls. There they can perform functions such as SCBA bottle replacements, rehab assistance, apparatus restocking, and other various duties as needed. While their assistance is an asset to the scene, the explorerís primary purpose for going on these calls is to learn first-hand fire ground operations and fire cause investigation. Fire explorers do not perform actual fire fighting activities, except for brush/woods fire where they can if the situation is safe


REQUIREMENTS- Explorers are required to fulfill obligations set forth in the Explorer Post By-Laws. Generally, they meet once a week for a training, meeting, drill session, or activity. They elect officers to run the organization and actively participate in administration and planning. They are overseen by adult advisors who are trained by the Scouting Council. Applications will soon be accepted from those who live in the Cronomer Valley Fire District and  outlying boundaries.


INTERESTED?- E-mail us your name, age, and address along with an e-mail address or telephone number we can reach you. We will arrange for an interview and tour of our fire station.



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